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Reception Afternoon Tea

This week the Reception children enjoyed inviting their relative’s into school for an afternoon tea. We had a lot of fun making and icing cupcakes in preparation! The children’s relatives joined us for our afternoon Tea and enjoyed looking through the children’s learning journeys. The children shared all their fabulous work and learning with their relatives.It was a lovely opportunity to meet the children’s relatives. We hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed the yummy cupcakes! Thank you to everyone who joined us.


“I have really enjoyed spending time in class today. Thank you for having me.”

“It was so lovely to come in to see Amber’s work and see how well she is progressing. Also nice to hear the children singing and eating the yummy cakes.”

“How lovely to see how Isobel has progressed from a bit of a shaky start to a girl who loves school, is keen with her reading, practises her writing, drawing and colouring every chance she gets. This is all evident in her folder. Thank you.”

“Thank you for inviting us to Afternoon Tea. The cakes were delicious. We have enjoyed looking at Megan’s work and we are very proud of her.”

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